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a RDM-based volume over a VMFS-based volume, doing so for performance reasons alone isn’t necessary. VMware’s test results Even VMware has busted this myth in a pretty big way, as shown in Figure 2. The PDF file from which the chart was sourced includes a wide variety of test cases that fully debunk the RDM vs. VMFS myth. The block size itself same as with VMFS has no dependency on the Guest VM because the VMDK is simply a file on the the NFS server/array. There are also no sub-blocks existing on NFS. Same as with VMFS you find out about the block size with vmkfstools. As you see below where the NFS server is using a block size of 4 KiB:
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Learn to differentiate between VMFS (Virtual Machine File System) and NFS (Network File System) storage solutions used to create VMware vSphere data stores. Also understand storage operations from ... Rename a VMFS Datastore 240. Delete a VMFS Datastore 240. Unmount a VMFS Datastore 240. Mount/Unmount an NFS Datastore 241. Mount an NFS Datastore 241. Unmount an NFS Datastore 242. Extend/Expand VMFS Datastores 242. Expandable 242. Extending 242. Place a VMFS Datastore in Maintenance Mode 243. Select the Preferred Path/Disable a Path to a VMFS ...
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Here's my current settings vs. the new 'tuning' options. Looks like the NFS Max Threads goes up a lot from 8 to 1024. The TCP/Jumboframe stuff is appearing 2x what mine is set at currently for recv and send and some vmxnet3 tweaks, hopefully we see some more IOps Historically, Storage VMotion operations on VMs with snapshots running on NFS were not offloaded. Virtual Volumes removes that limitation on NFS, allowing live migrations of snapshots to be offloaded to the array. VVol also brings *space efficient* Storage VMotion for an NFS (VVOL) based VM. I have a few VVOL based systems in our DR environment, but haven't put any in to our production environment. Haven't had any issues so far with the few VVOL VMs I have running. Thanks for the input. I'm pretty confident that VMware wouldn't release something that wasn't production class and it has been out since 6.0.
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May 07, 2016 · Unmounting an NFS Datastore This procedure is exactly the same as the unmount procedure above for VMFS datastores Extend/Expand VMFS Datastores You have a couple of options when it comes to gaining more space on your VMFS datastores. You can either add a new extent or grow an existing extent if there is space available. 1. VMware PSA and load-balancing feature that is enable for the iSCSI, FC & FCoE, not the NFS. 2. iSCSI supports CHAP for authentication and improving the security. 3. Raw Device Mapping (RDM) feature is not supported by the NFS, but the iSCSI can do. 4. Boot from SAN is possible via the iSCSI not the NFS.
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Apr 08, 2019 · Beyond that there isn’t too much difference between the two, they also both now support 512 LUNs/VMFS datastores per host as well (note vSphere 6.5 storage doc incorrectly states 1024). So you may end up sticking with VMFS5 but I think the automatic reclamation does make for a compelling use case to upgrade to VMFS6.

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A VVols datastore is now a storage container, no longer represented as a SCSI logical unit (LU) or NFS filesystem. Instead, it's simply a way of grouping VVols from the VMware administrator's perspective — while allowing VVols to be independent from a storage perspective. Why is there a need for a new storage concept?VMWare - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Overiview
Feb 19, 2015 · With vVols VM provisioning type is specified as part of profile information passed during vVol creation. Config vVol which are formatted VMFS are “thin” by definition. Also size of config vVol is very small (default 4GB) and it contains small files such as disk descriptors, vm config files, stats and logs data. VIKERNEL.COM!VCP6/DCVSTUDY!CHECKLIST! 6!! •!! !PlaceaVMFSdatastorein!MaintenanceMode! •!!!Select!thePreferredPath/Disable!a!Pathtoa!VMFS!datastore! ! Nov 26, 2020 · Preparation for Installation. We have learned that each of VMware hosts is able to connect to the QES NAS via NFS. And it allows you to mount an NFS volume and use it as if it were a Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) datastore, a special high-performance file system format that is optimized for storing virtual machines.
Here's my current settings vs. the new 'tuning' options. Looks like the NFS Max Threads goes up a lot from 8 to 1024. The TCP/Jumboframe stuff is appearing 2x what mine is set at currently for recv and send and some vmxnet3 tweaks, hopefully we see some more IOps 1. Base10 vs. Base2 disk size calculation (1000 vs. 1024) 2. Disk quotas 3. Compression 4. Capacity planning considerations. Operating system growth Patches Service packs Log files Temporary directories Databases Application servers File servers Archival; Security - 13%: Compare and contrast physical security methods and concepts. 1 ...

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